The LEADS Collaborative connects with ministry leaders responsible for strategically leading change, both within the church and outside the organization, as well as in the market place to meet God’s kingdom goals and objectives. These leaders are responsible for identifying, training and equipping disciples for leadership positions for the new millennium. This network is endeavored to take discipleship and sound Biblical doctrine to the next level of the 21st century. LEADS Collaborative will hold forums and collaborate with leaders of churches to address issues, trends, conditions and/or obstacles within the church and outside. The Collaborative will work with leaders to strategically develop new insights into situations; formulate and implement plans that will effectively address the issues or concerns of the church.

The Collaborative consists of the five fingers of God working together interchangeably fulfilling the Great Commission of building God’s Kingdom Embassy, the church.

The Collaborative has seasoned facilitators and coaches to focus on:

Our Focus

Leading Change Through Creativity and Innovation – The collaborative is designed to collectively develop new insights into critical ministry needs and issues, develop biblical approaches, encourage new innovations that are properly aligned with God’s Holy Bible, design and develop new cutting-edge strategies that will meet the needs of the church. Serves as a catalyst for change by influencing others to translate vision into action.

External Awareness – Keep up-to-date on local, national and international laws, politics, and trends that affect the church and shape the body of Christ’s views both within and outside.

Automated Technology – Use state-of-the art technology to achieve results.

Develop Coalitions – Build strategic relationships across the collaborative to achieve common goals.

Strategic Planning and Collaborative Outcomes – Formulate objectives and priorities, and implement plans consistent with God’s kingdom business of the church goals and objectives. Uncover the landscape and current traditions of the church. Develop execution strategies and innovative solutions. Deploy transformational change.